Once we wanted real China...
The real China can be |
Real China is not possible without a real Chinese. Therefore, we called a Chinese chef with an original Chinese name - Anton (okay, he has a different name, but you still won’t remember it).

Anton created a menu with the most popular Chinese dishes: several types of noodles and rice, traditional snacks, huge portions of spicy and super-flavorful soup, fried milk + bright Asian lemonades, iced teas with cheese foam or tapioca, chinese beer.

We decided that ours place would be… honest.
The dishes that you can try somewhere in the most flea market on the streets of Hong Kong - in a small, crowded diner, where you will crush a large portion of dan-dan, deftly wielding chopsticks and not paying attention to the fact that someone hurts your chair or chatting loudly at the next table.

On 30 square meters you can meet businessmen and schoolchildren, grandmothers and fashionable girls - they all came for simple, understandable, delicious Chinese food.